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B L T Kitchens

B L T Kitchens

B L T Kitchens Pricing Details

B L T Kitchens offers three packages:

BASIC - $250/month for 4 or less people with 24/7 access, including a storage speed rack and access to a tasting room.
STARTER - $600/month for 4 or less people with *20 hours of production time, two storage speed racks, and 24/7 access (*additional hours billed).
PREMIUM - $1,100/month for 4 or less people with *40 hours of production time, two green large storage racks, and various amenities, including 24/7 access (*additional hours billed).

B L T Kitchens




B L T Kitchens Amenity Details

BLT KITCHENS is a 14,000 sq ft shared kitchen space in Phoenix with four walk-in fridges, a freezer, and rentable office and prep spaces. Offering equipment and small wares, including a full dishwasher, it provides both hourly and monthly rates with 24-hour access. Positioned at 7th St and Dunlap for easy freeway access, it's a shared commercial kitchen, not a restaurant. Tenants must comply with Maricopa County regulations, securing permits. The well-equipped commissary supports various services, including food preparation, storage, consultations, tastings, operating mobile units, ghost kitchen concepts, commercials, pick-up/delivery, digital marketing, business consultations, food truck services, wrapping, insurance, and financing. Essential features include fresh water supply, gray water disposal, industrial dishwashing, trash disposal, and vending machine storage.

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