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Comcom Kitchen

Comcom Kitchen

Comcom Kitchen Pricing Details

Comcom Kitchen offers flexible rates that vary depending on the allocated kitchen time and storage space required by users.

Comcom Kitchen


Salt Lake City


Comcom Kitchen Amenity Details

Comcom Kitchen is well-equipped with a range of essential kitchen facilities, including 6 stainless steel tables, a walk-in fridge, 3 commercial convection ovens, a 4-top range and oven, double stock burner, grill, griddle, deep fryer, 3 wok burners, 3 three-compartment sinks, and dedicated dry storage space. Additionally, the kitchen provides electrical hookups for food trucks/trailers, grey water dump access, and offers ghost kitchen availability. With this comprehensive array of equipment and amenities, Comcom Kitchen is designed to meet the diverse needs of culinary professionals and entrepreneurs.

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