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Crafted Kitchen

Crafted Kitchen

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Crafted Kitchen


Los Angeles


Crafted Kitchen Amenity Details

Crafted Kitchen provides an exceptional culinary workspace, boasting a 675 square foot kitchen with impressive 20-foot high bow-truss ceilings and polished concrete floors. This chef's haven offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including storage, a dedicated dish wash room, a private 900 sq. ft. patio/event space, a demonstration counter with a cooktop and prep sink, work tables, refrigeration, 6-burner gas ranges, tilting skillets, char broilers, griddles/flat tops, fryers, stock pot ranges, an 80-qt. Hobart standing mixer, tabletop mixers and blenders, immersion blenders, commercial food processors, dry, cool, and frozen storage, convection ovens, cookware, towel service, and deli slicers. This well-equipped kitchen is designed to fulfill the diverse needs of chefs and culinary enthusiasts, providing a versatile and inspiring environment for food preparation and creativity.

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