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Gastros Kitchen

Gastros Kitchen

Gastros Kitchen Pricing Details

Gastros Kitchen offers a straightforward pricing structure, charging $20 to $30 per hour for kitchen rental with no additional fees whatsoever. This inclusive pricing covers access to all amenities and services, providing a transparent and cost-effective solution for culinary professionals.

Gastros Kitchen



Rhode Island

Gastros Kitchen Amenity Details

Gastros Kitchen is a secure and well-equipped culinary space, featuring a fully gated facility with surveillance cameras. The kitchen is furnished with essential equipment such as a 6-burner range, Blodgett oven, stainless steel tables, small wares, walk-in refrigeration, a food slicer, and prep tables. Notably, the kitchen has received a recommendation from the state health department. Gastros Kitchen provides various additional services, including co-packing, cold storage, warehouse storage, distribution support, business consulting, freezer storage, and dry storage. The facility boasts features like a retail outlet, ample parking, 24/7 access, a demo kitchen, Wi-Fi access, and food truck-friendly amenities, making it a versatile and comprehensive space for culinary ventures.

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