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Idaho Commercial Kitchen

Idaho Commercial Kitchen

Idaho Commercial Kitchen Pricing Details

he Idaho Commercial Kitchen offers flexible pricing options for kitchen time based on prime and non-prime hours, with minimum pre-paid hours required. The rates are as follows:

4 hours: $140 ($35/hr), Post Launch $180 ($45/hr)
8 hours: $240 ($30/hr), Post Launch $320 ($40/hr)
12 hours: $300 ($25/hr), Post Launch $420 ($35/hr)
Non-Prime Time only hours: $20/hr, Post Launch $30/hr
Additionally, storage bin rentals are available at varying sizes and monthly rates. The facility has a cleaning fee of $50 per occurrence and a late checkout fee of $25 for every 15 minutes beyond the scheduled time. A 72-hour cancellation policy is in place, and a $100 security deposit (with $50 non-refundable) is required, refunded 30-60 days after the final use.

Idaho Commercial Kitchen


Idaho Falls


Idaho Commercial Kitchen Amenity Details

The Idaho Commercial Kitchen, located at the Idaho Innovation Center, is equipped with a range of features to support culinary endeavors, including stainless steel prep tables, double door commercial refrigerators, a commercial freezer, three commercial-grade ovens, two 2-burner gas ranges, flattop cooking grills, and various cooking equipment and utensils. The facility also offers additional services such as dry storage, incubation, warehouse storage, cold storage, business consulting, freezer storage, and equipment like ranges, commercial ovens, convection ovens, mixers, griddles, proofers, food mixers, and prep tables.

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