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Mayflower Commissary llc

Mayflower Commissary llc

Mayflower Commissary llc Pricing Details

Mayflower Commissary LLC offers budget-friendly pricing, with rates starting at $175 per month for food trucks, concession trailers, and food carts. For those requiring Department of Agriculture permits, pricing begins at $375 per month. These competitive options make Mayflower Commissary LLC an accessible and convenient choice for entrepreneurs in the culinary industry seeking affordable and well-equipped spaces.

Mayflower Commissary llc


Virginia Beach


Mayflower Commissary llc Amenity Details

Mayflower Commissary LLC in Hampton Roads stands out as the region's first and only Department of Agriculture-approved commercial kitchen. Tailored for diverse culinary ventures, including baking, BBQ, hot sauce, CBD-infused foods, drinks, marinades, spice mixes, and farmers market items, the kitchen is well-equipped with a range of essential tools, such as commercial ovens, convection ovens, rack ovens, mixers, griddles, proofers, food processors, food slicers, and prep tables. Members have the flexibility to bring their own equipment, and additional services include freezer storage, business consulting, dry storage, and cold storage. This comprehensive offering positions Mayflower Commissary LLC as a valuable resource for food entrepreneurs in the Hampton Roads area.

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