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Sandy Commissary Kitchen

Sandy Commissary Kitchen

Sandy Commissary Kitchen Pricing Details

While the specific monthly membership fee for Sandy Commissary Kitchen is not provided in the information you've shared, the details do mention that the membership fee includes all utilities, free WiFi, and access to various premium amenities and equipment.

Sandy Commissary Kitchen




Sandy Commissary Kitchen Amenity Details

Sandy Commissary Kitchen, situated on a serene seven-acre farm along Highway 26, just outside Sandy, Oregon. Our 2500 square feet of kitchen and packing space is meticulously designed to foster the success of small and medium-sized businesses. Your monthly membership fee includes all utilities, free WiFi, and access to premium equipment such as a 10x10 walk-in freezer, 10x8 walk-in refrigerator, double-stack convection oven, 20Q Mixer, Baker's Woodblock Table, Fryer, 8-burner stove top with oven, and a full pan-size dishwasher. Additionally, enjoy a range of equipment, extra services like warehouse storage and business consulting, and features such as temperature control, ample parking, vegan-friendly amenities, WiFi, food truck accessibility, 24/7 access, and a teaching kitchen. Elevate your culinary journey with us.

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