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Sankofa Community Kitchen

Sankofa Community Kitchen

Sankofa Community Kitchen Pricing Details

For information on Sankofa Community Kitchen pricing, it is recommended to reach out directly to them for a personalized discussion about membership rates.

Sankofa Community Kitchen



Rhode Island

Sankofa Community Kitchen Amenity Details

The Sankofa Community Kitchen, located adjacent to a community room, serves as a vital resource for both Sankofa residents and the wider West End neighborhood. Equipped with essential tools such as commercial and convection ovens, mixers, and prep tables, the kitchen provides a comprehensive facility for culinary activities.
In addition to its essential equipment, the Sankofa Community Kitchen offers additional services including freezer storage, dry storage, and cold storage. Notable features include 24/7 access, Wi-Fi availability, a demo kitchen, event space, food truck-friendly facilities, and a teaching kitchen—making it a versatile and accessible hub for various culinary needs and community gatherings.

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