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The Commissary

The Commissary

The Commissary Pricing Details

The Commissary operates as an on-demand kitchen facility, offering rental hours at an average rate of $22 per hour. Members can conveniently schedule their time in the kitchen online, securing a 10-foot prep area with access to short-term refrigeration, hand sink, vegetable sink, the extensive line of commercial-grade equipment, and the dishwashing area. Additionally, The Commissary provides a Performance Kitchen for private events, pop-ups, and cooking classes. Cold storage options include a rental of a cold storage tote for $75/month, a locked dry storage cage for $75/month, a locked cold storage cage for $150/month, and a combined deal for both dry and cold storage cages at $200/month. This pricing structure ensures flexibility for culinary professionals based on their specific usage and storage needs.

The Commissary



New York

The Commissary Amenity Details

The Commissary is a fully-equipped, licensed commercial kitchen facility designed to meet the diverse needs of culinary professionals. With over 40 feet of commercial-grade equipment, the production kitchen includes a fleet of mixers ranging from 60 to 6 quarts, small and large immersion blenders, Vitamix blenders, grinder, shredder, and grater attachments for mixers, a Robot Coupe food processor, deck ovens, convection ovens, conventional ovens, a tilt skillet, a 40-gallon steam jacket kettle, professional fryers, charbroil grills, a gas flat top, a 4-well steam table, a Cambro food carrier, and 4 six-burner stoves. This comprehensive range of equipment makes The Commissary an ideal space for all everyday food production needs.

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