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Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen

Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen

Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen Pricing Details

Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen offers flexible pricing plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The pricing starts at $300 per month, with variations depending on the space and time required by your business. The facility provides the option for short-term 6-month rental agreements as well as annual commitments, allowing businesses to choose the arrangement that best suits their goals. Rents are conveniently paid via direct bank ACH deposits.

Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen


Saint Paul


Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen Amenity Details

Waters Edge Commercial Kitchen is a spacious 6,000 sq ft facility designed exclusively for wholesale producers. It features multiple prep and packaging areas equipped with stainless steel tables, dual rack walk-in ovens, stockpot gas stoves, a tilt skillet, a 10-burner gas stove, and walk-in coolers and freezers. The kitchen provides a clean and well-lit working environment, emphasizing amenities such as 24/7 building and kitchen access, secured premises with cameras, inclusive utilities (electric, gas, and garbage), MDA certification, individual MDA certification requirements for tenants, food-grade dry storage space, designated walk-in cooler and freezer space, and various sized mixers to meet diverse production needs.

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