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Food Truck Profit powers thousands of food entrepreneurs across America

The all-in-one starting place to start, grow and scale a high performing and profitable food truck. 

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The Food Truck Profit Story

We are where passion meets the pavement. We're a community of dreamers, doers, and drivers of change. Born from a love for street food and a vision for what the future of the food truck industry could be, we're here to revolutionize the way food truck entrepreneurs view their business and their contribution to the community.

The United States has a rich tradition of incredible street food; but is the entrepreneurs who have made that a reality. Our founding contributors come from decades of family owned businesses across the country. Food Truck Profit officially became as an organization in 2022 following the LA Food Fest. Our founding team saw an opportunity to unify the industry by sharing best practices to start and expand food truck entrepreneurship. 

The Food Truck Profit Mission:

To empower food truck entrepreneurs towards financial independence and community prosperity through expert guidance and support.

The Food Truck Profit Vision:

Shaping the future of the food truck industry to foster innovation, community engagement, and entrepreneurial success.


Food Truck Profit Partner Program

Join The National Network of Service Partners

  • Event Planners

  • Manufacturers

  • Insurance Agents

  • Accountants and Attorneys

  • Commissaries and Depots 

  • Many more growing each month!

Learn More About Food Truck Profit
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Award Winning Support

We take great pride in support food truck entrepreneurs whether it is day one of your are looking to exit your entire fleet. Our team of experienced support staff is here to help you!

Contact Food Truck Profit

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Career Opportunities

Are you an experienced (minimum 5+ years operation) food truck operator looking for some extra cash? We are looking for instructors and writers to help expand our content!

Join our team!


Up to Date Food Truck Stats

Journalist or media publication looking for the results of our annual survey of food truck operators across the country? 

Read current Food Truck Statistics.

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