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2024 Food Truck Statistics

Food Truck Profit Surveys thousands of food truck owners each year to provide the most up-to-date data

Food Truck Industry Trends

  • 50% of food truck owners are under the age of 50

  • No single food truck company has more than 3% of the market

  • The average purchase cost of a new food truck in 2024 was $108,500

  • The average purchase cost of a used food truck in 2024 was $46,800

  • Today there are 48,400 food trucks across the US.

  • The industry has grown 8% per year over the last five years

  • Over 60% of millennials have eaten at a food truck in the last year.

Sweet Prairie Food Truck.webp

Food Truck Business Owner Data

  • Average Revenue for food truck in 2024 in the US is $346,000. 

  • 91% of food trucks in the US are independent operations.

  • In 2024, the most common food type for a food truck was Mexican food.

  • The average food truck in 2024 employed 1.8 full time employees.

  • Due to inflation and other factors from 2020 to 2024 the average operating costs to run a food truck has increased 7.8%

Looking for a breakdown of average food truck revenue by state? 

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