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Almendra’s Kitchen

Almendra’s Kitchen

Almendra’s Kitchen Pricing Details

Almendra's Kitchen offers two distinct pricing packages for kitchen usage. The Starter Package, priced at $120 per month, provides up to 5 hours of kitchen access, with additional hours available at $24.00 each and a one-time $95 application fee. Alternatively, the Platinum Package, priced at $1200 monthly, offers a more extensive allocation of up to 100 hours, with additional hours billed at a reduced rate of $12.00, also accompanied by a one-time $95 application fee.

Almendra’s Kitchen




Almendra’s Kitchen Amenity Details

Almendra's Kitchen offers a fully equipped, commercially licensed shared-use kitchen, referred to as a kitchen incubator, cooperative kitchen, commissary kitchen, or test kitchen, available for rent by the hour. The innovative model reduces the financial risk of operating a commercial kitchen to a fixed cost, allowing businesses to start, grow, and eventually move into their own space. Known for being affordable and flexible, the kitchen has supported both new and established businesses in menu planning, training, product development, and production, with resulting products distributed across Central Florida.

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