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Anapurna's Kitchen

Anapurna's Kitchen

Anapurna's Kitchen Pricing Details

Anapurna's Kitchen offers the flexibility of renting its kitchen space by the hour, with rates starting at just $20 per hour. This provides an affordable option for various culinary professionals, food entrepreneurs, or food truck operators looking to utilize the facility. For scheduling or to arrange a tour of the kitchen facility, individuals can contact Anapurna's Kitchen via text or phone call at 385.386.1233. This accessibility allows potential users to explore the space and make arrangements that suit their specific culinary needs.

Anapurna's Kitchen


Salt Lake


Anapurna's Kitchen Amenity Details

Anapurna's Kitchen is an ideal space for food truck operators, offering parking for up to 19 food trucks, with several spots still available. Each dedicated food truck parking spot includes a 30 amp breaker for electrical needs, providing sufficient power for operations. Moreover, along with the parking space, occupants receive allocated kitchen time and storage, making it a comprehensive solution for food truck operators seeking a convenient and well-equipped location for their mobile culinary ventures.

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