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ChefScape, LLC

ChefScape, LLC

ChefScape, LLC Pricing Details

ChefScape, LLC provides monthly rates for its culinary spaces. This approach allows culinary entrepreneurs to access the facilities on an ongoing basis, providing a predictable and stable cost structure for their business operations.

ChefScape, LLC


New York City

New York

ChefScape, LLC Amenity Details

ChefScape's 116 West Houston location stands as an 8,000 sqft Ghost Kitchen with retail space in the front, providing a versatile culinary space. The kitchen offers various unique stations, a shared station, ample storage space, and direct loading dock access to accommodate diverse needs. Operating 24/7, it is equipped with essential tools, including ranges, commercial ovens, convection ovens, tilt skillets, fryers, deck ovens, mixers, food mixers, charbroilers, and prep tables, ensuring a well-equipped environment for culinary entrepreneurs and food businesses.

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