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EME'S Commissary Kitchen

EME'S Commissary Kitchen

EME'S Commissary Kitchen Pricing Details

EME's Commissary Kitchen offers three pricing packages to suit varying needs. The Starter Package, priced at $100.00 plus tax, provides six hours of monthly kitchen use, with additional hours charged at $20.00. The Yellow Package, at $360.00 plus tax, offers twenty-four hours of monthly kitchen access, with extra hours priced at $15.00. The premium Black Package, priced at $1250.00 plus tax, includes one hundred hours of monthly kitchen use, and additional hours are available at a reduced rate of $13.00. Each package requires a non-refundable application fee of $105 and a corresponding security deposit.

EME'S Commissary Kitchen




EME'S Commissary Kitchen Amenity Details

EME's Commissary Kitchen is fully equipped with essential amenities, including a stove with four oversized burners, a convection oven, and a Type 2 grease hood. With USDA and all required City and State permits in place, the 900 sq. ft. space also features three-compartment sinks, dry storage, an office area, a bathroom, and WiFi. Users only need to bring their own utensils to start cooking in this well-prepared and permitted culinary space.

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