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Hana Kitchens Hawai'i

Hana Kitchens Hawai'i

Hana Kitchens Hawai'i Pricing Details

Hana Kitchens Hawai'i offers premium facilities with competitive pricing, inviting interested individuals to call and discover how their members receive enhanced value for a lower cost.

Hana Kitchens Hawai'i




Hana Kitchens Hawai'i Amenity Details

Hana Kitchens Hawai'i offers a state-of-the-art 14,000 square foot facility featuring private and shared kitchens, workstations of various sizes, a versatile show kitchen for events, and two ghost kitchens for on-demand delivery services. The facility provides essential amenities such as free cold and dry storage, designated covered parking, air conditioning, a loading dock, freight elevator, 24/7 security, and free WiFi. With extensive storage space for dry ingredients and walk-in cold storage, and a diverse range of top-tier equipment including convection ovens, Hobart mixers, and specialized kitchens for dairy, organic, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free needs, Hana Kitchens is a comprehensive solution for culinary professionals in Hawai'i.

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