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Maker Kitchens: Main Street Las Vegas

Maker Kitchens: Main Street Las Vegas

Maker Kitchens: Main Street Las Vegas Pricing Details

Maker Kitchens provides a straightforward pricing structure for their 20 kitchens, available for rent starting at $2,200 per month. With sizes ranging from 220 to 550 square feet, this pricing model offers flexibility to cater to various business needs within the culinary landscape of Las Vegas. The fixed-rate lease ensures that entrepreneurs have access to fully equipped commercial kitchens without the complexity of variable costs, allowing them to focus on their culinary pursuits with a clear and predictable budget.

Maker Kitchens: Main Street Las Vegas


Las Vegas


Maker Kitchens: Main Street Las Vegas Amenity Details

Maker Kitchens stands as the premier choice for all your commercial kitchen requirements in Las Vegas. Their turnkey-ready kitchens are fully equipped, providing a hassle-free starting point for your culinary endeavors. With fixed-rate leases and a commitment to not taking a percentage of sales, Maker Kitchens allows you to concentrate on business growth without unnecessary stress. Features include 24/7 access, a teaching kitchen, WiFi, demo kitchen, parking, temperature-controlled settings, USDA certified room, gluten-free and allergen-free facilities, and vegan-friendly options. Additionally, Maker Kitchens offers services such as incubation, freezer storage, cold storage, business consulting, and dry storage to further support and nurture culinary ventures.

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