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Rosie's Community Kitchen

Rosie's Community Kitchen

Rosie's Community Kitchen Pricing Details

Rosie's Community Kitchen offers a versatile pricing structure catering to various kitchen types, including Incubator, Food Truck, and Ghost kitchens. Three distinct spaces are available for hourly rental, with rates ranging from $15 to $30 per hour, along with additional monthly storage fees. This flexible pricing model allows culinary entrepreneurs to choose the most suitable arrangement for their specific needs within Rosie's Community Kitchen.

Rosie's Community Kitchen




Rosie's Community Kitchen Amenity Details

Rosie's Community Kitchen boasts an array of features and services to support culinary endeavors, including a temperature-controlled environment, food truck-friendly facilities, a teaching kitchen, demo kitchen, and ample parking. Additional services encompass dry storage, incubation, cold storage, and freezer storage, while well-equipped with essential culinary equipment such as ranges, ovens, tilt skillets, mixers, griddles, food processors, slicers, and prep tables. Notably, members are required to provide their own equipment, ensuring a collaborative and resourceful community kitchen space.

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