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St. Luke's Community Kitchen

St. Luke's Community Kitchen

St. Luke's Community Kitchen Pricing Details

St. Luke's Community Kitchen is available seven days per week, from 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM. The rate per hour is $22 with a four hour minimum. We welcome weekly, monthly and one-time rentals. Based on availability, dry goods, refrigerator and freezer storage are only rented monthly from $10 - $25 per month. One-time users pay a one -two day fee of $20. Pop Ups are scheduled separately and are priced at $30-$50 per event based on size and duration. There is no membership fee.

St. Luke's Community Kitchen




St. Luke's Community Kitchen Amenity Details

St. Luke's Community Kitchen is conveniently located in downtown Portland off Congress Street at 134 Park Street. This newly renovated commercial kitchen has all required city and state licenses and permits. The kitchen offers a reserved parking spot at the kitchen door making for easy loading and unloading; off-street parking for customers picking up; all equipment including an eight-burner SouthBend range, and two ovens, dish washer/sanitizer, commercial refrigerator and freezer, large stainless steel island, cooling rack, two mixers, food processor, microwave, appliances, supplies, laundry service, WIFI.

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