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Whimsy's Kitchen

Whimsy's Kitchen

Whimsy's Kitchen Pricing Details

Whimsy's Kitchen offers refrigerated storage solutions tailored to meet Health Department requirements, providing 48 cubic feet of wire rack at $800/month. The options include a Cooler Speed Rack for $120/month, featuring a 20-tier sheet pan rack with dimensions of 20.25″W x 26″D x 69″H on casters. Additionally, various Counter Cooler choices, such as a Double Door for $600/month and a Single Door Deli Counter Cooler for $400/month, are available to meet the frequent Health Department recommendations for food businesses preparing food to order.

Whimsy's Kitchen




Whimsy's Kitchen Amenity Details

Whimsy's Kitchen serves as a launchpad for aspiring food and beverage concepts, fostering a supportive environment for both startups and seasoned food vendors. By alleviating the financial burdens associated with building or leasing a commercial kitchen, Whimsy's Kitchen provides a range of essential equipment, including a range, commercial oven, convection oven, fryer, deck oven, griddle, and charbroiler, along with prep tables. Beyond equipment, the facility offers additional services such as dry storage, cold storage, freezer storage, and warehouse storage, catering to the diverse needs of food entrepreneurs.

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