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Cottage Food Laws in Missouri [2024 Update]

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Overview of Guidance and Ordinances for Cottage Food Laws in Missouri

The definition of cottage food aligns with the food code's parameters regarding what a food establishment encompasses or excludes. This definition outlines the criteria exempting certain home-based food production, detailing the requirements enabling the preparation of foods in a residential setting.

Food Labeling Requirements according to Missouri Cottage Food Laws

Labeling requirements for processed packaged foods necessitate the inclusion of the manufacturer's details, the food's name, a list of ingredients in descending order of prominence, net weight in English or metric units, and a disclaimer stating the kitchen is uninspected. For honey, it's suggested that manufacturers add an advisory statement cautioning against its use for infants under twelve months: "Honey is not recommended for infants less than twelve (12) months of age."

Summarized Business Regulations for Cottage Food Laws in Missouri

In Missouri, a Cottage Food Operation refers to a small-scale food business that operates from a home kitchen, producing low-risk food items for direct sale to consumers. These businesses are permitted to make and sell certain non-potentially hazardous foods, like baked goods, jams, and certain canned goods, without requiring a commercial kitchen. There are specific guidelines and restrictions on sales channels and revenue limits for Cottage Food Operations in Missouri.


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

This dashboard is provided as an informational resource and is not affiliated with the above department. While we strive to keep our information accurate and up to date, we do not claim to provide official legal advice or representations regarding cottage food laws or any other regulations. Laws and regulations can change frequently, and they can vary significantly by location. We encourage all users to consult their local health department or a legal professional to obtain the most current information and advice specific to their circumstances.

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