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Cottage Food Laws in Montana [2024 Update]

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Overview of Guidance and Ordinances for Cottage Food Laws in Montana

In Montana, a Cottage Food Operation refers to the production of certain low-risk food items made in a domestic kitchen that doesn't require licensure or inspection by the health department. These foods are typically non-potentially hazardous and can be sold directly to consumers at specific venues like farmers' markets, fairs, or from the producer's home. Regulations outline permissible food types and sales avenues for Cottage Food Operations in the state.

Food Labeling Requirements according to Montana Cottage Food Laws

Labels for cottage food products must include the cottage food operation's name, address, city, state, and zip code. They should list the product's name, ingredients in descending order by weight (with sub-ingredients in parentheses), net quantity, and allergen information. Additionally, a statement declaring, "Made in a home kitchen that is not subject to retail food establishment regulations or inspections," must be present on the label.

Summarized Business Regulations for Cottage Food Laws in Montana

Cottage Food Operations enable approved product sales via internet or phone but mandate face-to-face transactions between seller and consumer. They prohibit third-party delivery services like couriers or shipping firms, as well as platforms like Amazon or eBay where direct buyer-seller interaction doesn't occur. This model prioritizes direct, personal exchanges for these homemade goods.


Montana Department of Health and Human Services

This dashboard is provided as an informational resource and is not affiliated with the above department. While we strive to keep our information accurate and up to date, we do not claim to provide official legal advice or representations regarding cottage food laws or any other regulations. Laws and regulations can change frequently, and they can vary significantly by location. We encourage all users to consult their local health department or a legal professional to obtain the most current information and advice specific to their circumstances.

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