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24-7 Shared Kitchen

24-7 Shared Kitchen

24-7 Shared Kitchen Pricing Details

The 24/7 Shared Kitchen has The Five Stars Membership, priced at $1,050 per month, provides a premium package with up to 70 hours of monthly access, full-time dry and cold storage, and 24-hour facility availability. For a slightly reduced rate, the Four Stars Membership at $700 per month offers up to 45 hours of access, along with the same comprehensive dry and cold storage facilities and around-the-clock access. The Three Stars and Two Stars Memberships, priced at $575 and $375 per month, respectively, offer varying hours of access with full-time dry and cold storage and continuous 24-hour facility access.

24-7 Shared Kitchen




24-7 Shared Kitchen Amenity Details

The 24/7 Shared Kitchen, a testament to Ms. Florea's dedication to supporting entrepreneurs, stands as a competitively priced, fully equipped rental kitchen. This initiative aims to empower new business owners by providing them with the essential resources needed for a successful market entry. The facility offers key features such as dry storage, cold storage, and unrestricted facility access, catering to the diverse needs of aspiring entrepreneurs in their business endeavors.

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