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Boulder Kitchen Share

Boulder Kitchen Share

Boulder Kitchen Share Pricing Details

Boulder Kitchen Share introduces the Steady Shift Program at $300.00 per month, offering flexible 7-hour morning, 6-hour night, and 5-hour afternoon shifts. Night shifts are compensated at $11.53 per hour, morning shifts at $9.89 per hour, and afternoon shifts at $13.85 per hour, allowing participants to choose based on their preferences. The program includes one weekly shift (52 shifts per year), along with long-term dry storage and complimentary access to a walk-in refrigerator for storage needs, providing an affordable and convenient solution for culinary enthusiasts.

Boulder Kitchen Share




Boulder Kitchen Share Amenity Details

Boulder Kitchen Share provides state-of-the-art culinary spaces equipped with multiple burners and standard ovens for sautéing and baking. In the catering sections, chefs have access to char-broilers and deep fryers, offering versatility in cooking styles. Despite utilizing the semi-private catering areas, individuals retain their exclusive use of a private kitchen, complete with essential equipment such as gas stove top burners, Hobart Mixers in various sizes, Robot Coupe Food Processors, and full-size convection ovens. Additional amenities include induction burners, microwaves, and specialized equipment like Coldelite Batch Freezers and Blast Freezers for ice cream production. The facility is further enhanced with features like steam kettles, dough sheeters, walk-in refrigerators, freezers, rotating rack ovens, flat top grills, and tilt skillets, catering to a wide range of culinary needs.

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