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Central Kitchen Incubator

Central Kitchen Incubator

Central Kitchen Incubator Pricing Details

Central Kitchen Cleveland provides accessible pricing options for food entrepreneurs, with hourly rates ranging from $15 to $22. Special growth rates are offered for individuals spending 20 or more hours per week in the kitchen, facilitating cost-effective options for those with increased usage. Additionally, a quarterly membership is available at $99, providing additional benefits and opportunities for culinary innovators utilizing Central Kitchen Cleveland.

Central Kitchen Incubator




Central Kitchen Incubator Amenity Details

Central Kitchen Cleveland serves as a vital resource for food entrepreneurs by providing fully equipped commercial kitchen space on an as-needed basis. Beyond offering essential equipment like ranges, commercial ovens, convection ovens, steam kettles, mixers, and more, Central Kitchen Cleveland accelerates the process of starting a food business by delivering business support, mentorship, peer support, and networking opportunities. The facility fosters connections and collaboration within the Northeast Ohio local food web, creating a supportive environment for culinary innovators.

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