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Chefs Workshop

Chefs Workshop

Chefs Workshop Pricing Details

Client packages at Chef's Workshop begin at $175 per month, offering hourly access and including limited storage, with bulk discounts available for bookings starting at 30 hours monthly. The base hourly rate is set at $25, encompassing all taxes, utilities, cleaning supplies, trash pickup, and grease disposal services.

Chefs Workshop




Chefs Workshop Amenity Details

This 5,000 square foot complex not only boasts four state-of-the-art certified kitchens but also provides secure storage spaces and a versatile office/tasting area for food entrepreneurs. It features three multi-purpose kitchens and a specialized baker's kitchen, each equipped with essential culinary tools, including gas ranges, convection ovens, prep tables, sinks, coolers, pan racks, and mixers for diverse cooking needs.

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