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Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen

Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen

Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen Pricing Details

Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen offers flexible pricing plans tailored to the individual growth of each business. Operating on an hourly rental basis, tenants are not bound by contracts, providing them with the freedom to adjust as needed. Committing to a minimum of 10 hours per week ensures tenants receive the lowest hourly rate, and Chiknegg is dedicated to working collaboratively with each kitchen tenant to find a customized solution that best suits their unique needs.

Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen




Chiknegg Incubator Kitchen Amenity Details

Chiknegg's Incubator Kitchen provides a versatile space for food entrepreneurs, offering traditional kitchen prep areas, consumer classes, and a cozy atmosphere for chefs to host pop-up meals. The facility, accessible 24/7/365, features an array of equipment including a range, induction cooktop, commercial oven, convection oven, rack oven, and various other tools detailed on their website. With hourly rates ranging from $22.50 to $30, depending on monthly usage, Chiknegg also provides additional services such as business consulting, distribution support, dry storage, freezer storage, and incubation, making it a comprehensive resource for culinary ventures.

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