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CommonWealth Kitchen

CommonWealth Kitchen

CommonWealth Kitchen Pricing Details

CommonWealth Kitchen standard rate is $35/hour for kitchen time, plus storage and membership fees. Pricing varies based on stage of business -- we have specialized pricing for the first couple of months in the kitchen and volume discount pricing for larger companies.

CommonWealth Kitchen




CommonWealth Kitchen Amenity Details

CommonWealth Kitchen, as the sole nonprofit food business incubator and urban food manufacturing social enterprise in Greater Boston, offers a wide array of services and equipment to support culinary entrepreneurs. From business consulting and co-packing to various storage options and a comprehensive range of commercial-grade kitchen equipment, including ovens, grinders, kettles, and specialized machinery for tasks like canning and bottling, CommonWealth Kitchen provides a nurturing environment for food businesses to thrive. With a commitment to fostering inclusivity and supporting local entrepreneurs, their facility is well-equipped with prep tables and the tools necessary for developing and scaling successful food ventures.

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