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CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen

CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen

CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen Pricing Details

Como Cooks provides flexible pricing options to accommodate various needs. They offer a base rate of $170 per month, which includes 10 hours of kitchen time, with an additional $17 per hour for extra time. For those with higher usage requirements, Como Cooks presents a $700 per month plan for 50 hours and a $1400 per month plan for 100 hours, both offering reduced rates at $14 per hour for additional time. Additionally, they provide a No Cook/No Prep option designed for food trucks at a flat fee of $170 per month.

CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen




CoMo Cooks Shared Kitchen Amenity Details

Como Cooks aims to enhance entrepreneurial success by offering accessible, inclusive, and affordable kitchen space for the initiation and growth of local food-based businesses. Their certified kitchen spaces cater to various needs, including food production for farmers, and come with flexible rental hours and 24-hour scheduling. Como Cooks provides affordable rates with tiered membership levels, access to storage options, an online reservation system, food truck parking, a collaborative entrepreneurial environment, and additional support through business workshops, coaching, PR, social media assistance, and participation in the CRE8 shared branding program for local makers.

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