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Corner Kitchen ABQ

Corner Kitchen ABQ

Corner Kitchen ABQ Pricing Details

Corner Kitchen ABQ offers three membership plans tailored to the number of hours needed per month, each of which includes access to refrigeration and freezer space. This flexible pricing structure allows culinary entrepreneurs to choose a membership plan that aligns with their specific usage requirements and budget constraints.

Corner Kitchen ABQ



New Mexico

Corner Kitchen ABQ Amenity Details

Corner Kitchen ABQ is a well-equipped culinary space, offering essential equipment for various food preparation needs. With features such as three ovens, an 8-burner range, refrigerators, freezers, a charbroil grill, sandwich/meal prep fridges, an ice machine, a dishwashing area, and private dry storage, it caters to a diverse range of culinary requirements. Conveniently located near San Mateo and I-25, Corner Kitchen ABQ provides accessibility with a 24-hour operating schedule, allowing for flexibility in kitchen use.

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