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Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse

Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse

Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse Pricing Details

Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse's membership plans, offering monthly rates from $200 to $1,400 for 14 to 100 hours of kitchen access. Manage your usage seamlessly with overage charges at $15/hr for regular hours and $13/hr for additional hours, ensuring affordability and convenience for a variety of culinary endeavors.

Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse




Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse Amenity Details

Crowded Kitchen Community Cookhouse, Lancaster's shared-use commercially licensed community kitchen. Our tight-knit community includes talented members spanning caterers, bakers, food trucks, market stands, private chefs, and food product businesses. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen with amenities such as a range, commercial oven, convection oven, grinder, mixer, food processor, and more. Benefit from additional services like cold storage, freezer storage, and dry storage, as well as features such as food truck-friendly spaces, temperature control, parking, WiFi, and 24/7 access, fostering a collaborative and dynamic culinary environment.

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