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Dots Gray Kitchen

Dots Gray Kitchen

Dots Gray Kitchen Pricing Details

Dots Gray offers pricing for towels and aprons tailored for offsite usage and tasting room access, with specific costs to be determined (tbd). Nest access, including the use of walk-in cooler and freezer, is also priced based on individual arrangements. Additional storage options include rolling racks at $75 per provided rack or $50 for your own, and full wire-coated shelf units at $240 each or $60 per shelf. For dry storage, rates include $75 for a rolling rack in the common area or $50 if you own one, and $60 for a full wire rack on the lower level or $15 per shelf.

Dots Gray Kitchen




Dots Gray Kitchen Amenity Details

This commissary kitchen is purposefully designed for food entrepreneurs, fostering a community that promotes inspiration, positivity, and business growth. The well-equipped facility includes essential equipment such as walk-in refrigerator and freezer, double stack convection ovens, multiple 6-burner ranges, a charbroiler, flat top griddle, mixers, tilt skillet, ice machine, dishwasher, various sinks, commercial slicer, microwaves, can openers, and ample work tables. By providing a comprehensive array of tools, the kitchen aims to support the diverse needs of food entrepreneurs, creating an environment conducive to creativity and business development.

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