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DSU Food Incubator Center

DSU Food Incubator Center

DSU Food Incubator Center Pricing Details

The DSU Food Incubator Center (FBIC) operates year-round, providing a flexible schedule to accommodate the diverse needs of its users. With affordable rates that are further discounted based on usage, the FBIC offers an accessible and cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs and food businesses seeking a supportive and equipped environment for their culinary ventures.

DSU Food Incubator Center




DSU Food Incubator Center Amenity Details

The Food Business Incubation Center (FBIC) is a fully-licensed, professionally equipped commercial kitchen for food service producers to start or expand their businesses. The kitchen is equipped with 18-stove top burners, gas convection oven, 50-quart mixer, 12-inch slicer, table-top mixer, work tables, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, ice maker, 3-compartment sink, and lockable dry-storage units. It has been inspected and approved for food processing, and is available for value-added product manufacturing, catering, and other food production.

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