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East End Food

East End Food

East End Food Pricing Details

For detailed pricing information at East End Food Kitchen, interested parties are encouraged to directly contact the facility.

East End Food



New York

East End Food Amenity Details

East End Food Kitchen offers flexibility in booking kitchen stations, allowing reservations for a minimum of one hour at a time. After the shift, users have the option to stay an additional half hour for cleaning at no extra charge. The kitchen is well-equipped with essential tools such as a range, convection oven, steam kettle, tilt skillet, mixer, dough sheeter, food processor, food mixer, food slicer, vacuum sealer, packaging heat seal, and prep tables. Beyond the kitchen, East End Food Kitchen provides additional services, including freezer storage, incubation, co-packing, cold storage, business consulting, distribution support, and dry storage, creating a comprehensive environment for culinary professionals and businesses.

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