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Food for Thought Kitchens (Good Food Hub)

Food for Thought Kitchens (Good Food Hub)

Food for Thought Kitchens (Good Food Hub) Pricing Details

Food for Thought Kitchens, operating under the Good Food Hub, offers access to their fully-equipped commercial kitchen at a rate of $24 per hour. This provides entrepreneurs and food businesses with an affordable and flexible option to utilize a professional kitchen space for their culinary ventures.

Food for Thought Kitchens (Good Food Hub)




Food for Thought Kitchens (Good Food Hub) Amenity Details

The Wyoming Food for Thought Project's Commercial Kitchens, operated by Thought Project, began in October 2012 to address gaps in the hunger safety net. The project aims to combat hunger and poverty through various initiatives, including providing food accessibility resources, educational workshops and classes, and support programs such as SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks. The commercial kitchen is well-equipped with essential tools like a range, convection oven, commercial grinder, steam kettle, mixer, griddle, food processor, food mixer, food slicer, food dehydrator, and prep tables. Additional services offered include warehouse storage, cold storage, business consulting, distribution support, dry storage, freezer storage, and incubation, fostering a holistic approach to addressing community needs.

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