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Grow Local Kitchen

Grow Local Kitchen

Grow Local Kitchen Pricing Details

Grow Local Kitchen offers flexible pricing for its culinary spaces. On Tuesdays through Thursdays, the rental rate is $20 per hour, while on Fridays through Sundays, it's $25 per hour. Additionally, storage shelves are available at a monthly rate of $25 each, with options for dry, cold, and freezer storage. This pricing structure provides affordability and convenience for individuals or businesses looking to utilize the kitchen facilities and storage services at Grow Local Kitchen.

Grow Local Kitchen




Grow Local Kitchen Amenity Details

The Grow Local Kitchen is currently open for applications from aspiring pop-up restaurants seeking a space in their dynamic, rotating rental kitchen. With flexible scheduling and reasonable rates, this opportunity allows entrepreneurs to build a customer base, refine their culinary skills, and perfect recipes. Equipped with a range, commercial oven, convection oven, mixer, food processor, prep tables, and additional services like freezer storage, business consulting, and incubation, the Grow Local Kitchen provides a supportive environment for culinary innovation.

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