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Hilo Food Hub

Hilo Food Hub

Hilo Food Hub Pricing Details

Hilo Food Hub offers flexible kitchen rental packages to accommodate different usage levels: Package A provides 10 hours/month for $180, Package B includes 25 hours/month for $400, and Package C offers 40 hours/month for $560. Additionally, the storage rental rates include $25/month per shelf for dry storage, and $30/month per shelf for both fridge and freezer storage. These affordable rates empower local farmers and food producers, providing them with accessible and cost-effective facilities to develop and expand their businesses.

Hilo Food Hub




Hilo Food Hub Amenity Details

Hilo Food Hub is a comprehensive resource for local farmers and food producers, offering affordable commercial kitchen space, cold and dry storage, product development, distribution services, and various other resources to support business growth. Members gain access to a certified commercial kitchen, cold storage, and all associated equipment, including extra-large prep tables, a commercial blender, food processors, a convection oven, and more. Beyond kitchen facilities, the Hub provides assistance with graphic design, packaging, labeling, distribution, and health code permits, ensuring a holistic approach to helping businesses thrive in the food industry.

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