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Hop Barons Kitchen

Hop Barons Kitchen

Hop Barons Kitchen Pricing Details

Hop Barons Kitchen offers flexible pricing catering to various culinary needs. Non-members can access the kitchen at $35 per hour, while Tier 1 members enjoy 6 hours per month for $100, with additional hours at $20 each. Tier 2 members, at $350 per month, benefit from 25 hours, with extra hours priced at $18 each, providing cost-effective options tailored to different levels of kitchen usage.

Hop Barons Kitchen




Hop Barons Kitchen Amenity Details

Hop Barons Kitchen, located in Honesdale, offers a commercial craft kitchen with over 1,500 square feet of space and high-quality equipment, making it a dream space for chefs. The well-equipped kitchen includes essential tools such as a range, convection oven, mixer, food processor, food mixer, and prep tables. Additional services such as dry storage and incubation are available, while features like temperature control, WiFi, event space, vegan-friendly facilities, 24/7 access, a teaching kitchen, demo kitchen, and parking contribute to a comprehensive and accommodating environment for culinary professionals.

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