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KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen

KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen

KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen Pricing Details

KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen offers a diverse range of rates to accommodate various business needs. The Farmers Market Plan, ideal for weekly producers, is priced at $350/month (plus utilities), allowing one person to bring raw ingredients, produce their product, and take it with them at the end of the day. For a Hot Dog Cart business, access to the kitchen for daily dishwashing is available at $350/month (no utilities) with limitations on storage. Additionally, Part-Time Production plans for one person working up to 25 hours a week start at $500/month (plus utilities), and larger workstations with dedicated space and 24/7 access are available at rates ranging from $1000 to $1500/month (plus utilities).

KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen




KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen Amenity Details

KBM Seattle Commissary Kitchen proudly presents close to 6000 sq feet of production space, featuring an exceptional array of equipment. The kitchen is equipped with 35 workstations, 3 hot lines, 6 6-burners, 4 double stock pot ranges, 3 tilt skillets, 6 mixers ranging from 20 qt to 140 qt, 2 flat tops, and 1 charbroiler. Additionally, the facility includes 3 double-stack ovens, 1 roll-in rack oven with a 3-rack proof box, 3 slicers, a 25 qt VCM, 4 walk-ins with 2 more on the way, a Rondo Reversible Sheeter, and 2 dishwash stations with 3 dishwashers and a 3-compartment sink. This extensive equipment list ensures KBM Seattle provides a top-tier and fully equipped kitchen space for culinary ventures.

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