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Kitchen 519 Belmont

Kitchen 519 Belmont

Kitchen 519 Belmont Pricing Details


Kitchen 519 Belmont




Kitchen 519 Belmont Amenity Details

"Kitchen 519" in Belmont, CA, is a commercial kitchen and warehouse space totaling about 2000 square feet, with approximately 600 square feet dedicated to the kitchen. The facility is seeking a few businesses to share the space, particularly those involved in confectionery, packaging products, or light catering. Ideal tenants are those with compatible hours, especially those interested in afternoon, night, or weekend usage. The schedule is negotiable based on specific usage and storage needs. The kitchen/warehouse is well-equipped with two 6-burner commercial gas oven ranges, a 10' x 16' walk-in refrigerator, a reach-in freezer, two 6' prep areas with sinks and additional work tables, and ample shelving for storage in both the warehouse and kitchen areas. This setup is tailored to accommodate businesses involved in product-based ventures such as jam-making, pickling, juices, confectionery, and more, aligning with the current primary use of the kitchen as a confectioners' space.

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