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Kitchen Spaces

Kitchen Spaces

Kitchen Spaces Pricing Details

Kitchen Spaces provides flexible pricing options with hourly rates or flat fees for a block of hours. Users opting for flat fee plans enjoy scheduling priority, allowing efficient time allocation. These plans, limited in availability, offer the best overall value for those with regular and extensive kitchen usage needs, with hourly rates ranging from $15 to $18 for various kitchen spaces.

Kitchen Spaces


Des Moines


Kitchen Spaces Amenity Details

Kitchen Spaces provides affordable commercial kitchens for rent in Des Moines, catering to the needs of local businesses and culinary entrepreneurs. Their offerings include various organizational solutions such as cabinet organizers, drawer organizers, storage containers, pantry shelving, baskets, and bins, as well as spice racks. With a focus on creating efficient and well-equipped kitchen environments, Kitchen Spaces aims to support the success of businesses in the culinary industry.

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