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Lake Commissary Kitchen

Lake Commissary Kitchen

Lake Commissary Kitchen Pricing Details

Lake Commissary Kitchen provides a cost-effective solution for culinary professionals with a straightforward pricing model. Members pay a $350 annual commissary fee, granting access to the communal facilities. The kitchen is available for rent at $15 per hour, and additional storage options are offered at a monthly rate of $50, making it an accessible and flexible space for food entrepreneurs.

Lake Commissary Kitchen




Lake Commissary Kitchen Amenity Details

Lake Commissary Kitchen is a shared-use, commercial-grade kitchen designed to provide a secure and legal environment for local food service businesses to prepare, cook, and store food. Services offered include yearly memberships, facilitating the acquisition of business licenses from the State of Florida, as well as hourly kitchen rental for flexible usage. Additionally, storage options are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, offering culinary professionals a comprehensive solution for their business needs.

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