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MyKitchen Huntsville

MyKitchen Huntsville

MyKitchen Huntsville Pricing Details

The "Part-Time Package" is a standard offering for food trucks or chefs seeking limited or consistent commissary bookings. It includes a yearly membership fee of $200, a $30 per hour rate. The "Professional Kitchen Full-Time Package" is a premium option for chefs requiring more consistent commissary use and a permanent space. It includes a yearly membership fee of $150, a $25 per hour rate. The "Restaurant Live Package" is designed for chefs aiming to elevate their brand. It features a yearly membership fee of $100. he "Front Counter Package" is a product sales option requiring a yearly membership fee of $200, a 15% fee on monthly sales, a $240 commissary fee with up to 8 hours of commissary time.

MyKitchen Huntsville




MyKitchen Huntsville Amenity Details

MyKitchen is a unique food service incubator that fosters community and collaboration among chefs. It transcends traditional commissary services by offering support to individuals passionate about the food industry. MyKitchen serves as a platform for entrepreneurs, functioning as a ghost kitchen for secret chefs, a commissary for traditional chefs, a live restaurant for visionaries, and a product-selling tool for creatives. As a member of the MyKitchen family, you gain access to food vendors, partnerships, and tools that empower you to elevate your brand and scale your food business. MyKitchen believes in the power of food to bring people together, emphasizing that there's room for every chef to contribute to the community.

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