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North Coast Food Web

North Coast Food Web

North Coast Food Web Pricing Details

North Coast Food Web offers a flexible and inclusive commercial kitchen pricing structure, allowing kitchen partners to choose their tier based on income and assets. Select from Tier 1 at $10/hr, Tier 2 at $20/hr, or Tier 3 at $30/hr, ensuring accessibility for a diverse range of culinary ventures. Enjoy the benefits of a well-equipped kitchen at affordable rates tailored to your unique criteria.

North Coast Food Web




North Coast Food Web Amenity Details

North Coast Food Web commercial kitchen, now available for rental in Astoria! As a community-based non-profit committed to supporting the local food system, we provide a well-equipped space featuring an array of equipment, including an Induction Cooktop, Commercial Oven, Convection Oven, Tilt Skillet, Mixer, Proofer, and more. Additional services encompass Dry Storage, Incubation, Cold Storage, and Freezer Storage. Enjoy the convenience of our Teaching Kitchen, 24/7 Access, Parking, Demo Kitchen, WiFi, Temperature Control, and even a Retail Outlet. Elevate your culinary endeavors in a space designed to nourish and inspire.

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