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Oceanside Commercial Kitchen

Oceanside Commercial Kitchen

Oceanside Commercial Kitchen Pricing Details

Oceanside Commercial Kitchen RATES
$80 for 4 hours/ $15 per hour there after
$100 for 4 hours/ $15 per hour there after
$100 per month plus $15 hourly
$400-$1000 per month

Oceanside Commercial Kitchen




Oceanside Commercial Kitchen Amenity Details

Oceanside Commercial Kitchen (OCK) presents an affordable solution for culinary entrepreneurs, offering two kitchens (hot and cold, separated by an alley) totaling over 1700 sq ft, along with mobile food cart and equipment storage. Accessible 24/7, OCK is equipped with essential appliances, including a double stack convection oven, Wolf Range with 6 burners, flat top, and 2 deck ovens, a radiant char broiler, a 60qt mixer with attachments, a 20qt mixer, a walk-in fridge and freezer combo, multiple reach-in fridges and freezers, workstations, prep sinks, a 3-part sink, a 2-rack dishwasher, and oil disposal. The facility also features a large prep room, a separate dish room, and a mobile cart storage room with a roll-up door. With convenient amenities like a large roll-up door for easy access, ware washing facilities, potable water, and greywater dumping, OCK is designed to cater to the diverse needs of culinary entrepreneurs.

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