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PREP Kitchens

PREP Kitchens

PREP Kitchens Pricing Details

PREP Shared Kitchen offers flexible membership options tailored to various business needs. Memberships range from 20 to 80+ monthly kitchen hours, with an initiation fee of $400 and monthly fees starting at $400. Benefits include 24/7 kitchen access, personal lockers, advance scheduling, conference room and business center access, along with optional services like studio kitchen reservations and wholesale food and supply procurement.

PREP Kitchens




PREP Kitchens Amenity Details

PREP Kitchens provides a comprehensive range of amenities for food producers, including sanitation, recycling, and composting services for a clean and eco-friendly workspace. Members enjoy access to co-working areas, conference rooms, and a versatile studio/event kitchen, fostering a collaborative environment. The facility ensures optimal storage conditions with walk-in cooler and freezer maintenance, shipping and receiving zones with liftgate access, and ample a la carte dry, cold, and freezer storage, while also addressing critical safety measures such as grease trap pumping, pest control, and exhaust hood/fire suppression/HVAC cleaning and maintenance.

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