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Spindle Kitchen

Spindle Kitchen

Spindle Kitchen Pricing Details

Spindle Kitchen in Denver, Colorado, offers a monthly pricing plan of $360, which includes 15 kitchen hours and half a shelf of storage. Beyond the allotted hours, additional time can be booked at $20 per hour. There is a discounted rate of $15 per hour for kitchen use between midnight and 6 am.

Spindle Kitchen




Spindle Kitchen Amenity Details

Spindle Kitchen in Denver, Colorado, is an ideal space for bakers, specialty foods creators, caterers, and packaged food businesses. With 24-hour access and a single-user kitchen setup, it offers various amenities such as dry, fridge, and freezer storage options, a 6-burner gas range and oven, electric convection oven, Hobart 20QT mixer, KitchenAid 5QT mixer, industrial blender, food processor, and more. Additionally, tenants can enjoy collaborative spaces, conference rooms, and unlimited coffee and sparkling water at FORGE.

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