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Sunshine Kitchen

Sunshine Kitchen

Sunshine Kitchen Pricing Details

Sunshine Kitchen offers a monthly rate of $136.00, which includes a minimum of 8 hours of kitchen time per month. Additional charges for taxes and platform fees apply. In addition, there is an annual fee of $400 for food trucks.

Sunshine Kitchen


Fort Pierce


Sunshine Kitchen Amenity Details

The Sunshine Kitchen, occupying a spacious 10,000-square foot facility within the Treasure Coast Research Park, serves as a professionally equipped commercial kitchen and home to over 50 licensed food businesses. This versatile space not only provides essential equipment such as ranges, commercial ovens, convection ovens, steam kettles, fryers, mixers, griddles, proofers, food mixers, vacuum sealers, food dehydrators, blast freezers, and prep tables but also functions as a working laboratory for food entrepreneurs. Open 24/7, 365 days a year, the Sunshine Kitchen offers a dynamic environment for entrepreneurs to develop, process, market, package, and promote their products.

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