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Talia Event Center

Talia Event Center

Talia Event Center Pricing Details

Talia Event Center provides a versatile pricing structure for their kitchen space, accommodating various usage needs. With rates starting at $35 per hour, users can also opt for a full day's access at $225 for 8 hours or a monthly plan at the same rate, with the flexibility to add extra hours as required.

Talia Event Center




Talia Event Center Amenity Details

Talia Event Center provides a well-equipped kitchen space featuring a 6-burner stove, two gas ovens, a warmer, refrigeration, freezer, storage, ice machine, flat iron grill, and a charbroiler. The kitchen also includes all necessary cleaning supplies to ensure top-notch hygiene. In addition to the equipment, Talia Event Center offers various additional services, such as dry storage, cold storage, freezer storage, and warehouse storage. Members are required to provide their own equipment, enhancing the versatility of the space for a range of culinary professionals and event caterers.

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